A Night out of the Kitchen…

28 11 2007

We’re in final rehearsals for the annual Christmas concert…long and tiring. No cooking tonight or Th nite. Tonight was a looooooooong one. We started at 6:30 and got out about 10. Arrrgh. Thankfully we weren’t corrected too much because we were pretty burnt out by 9-something. We did the music ok, just without a lot of fire. We’ll be ok. In the meanwhile, I’m sick so cooking is not a high priority right now. There’s “food” here…maybe not fabulous food, but filling, soul-satisfying food. Maybe it’s time to do post-Thanksgiving turkey soup now. I froze the carcass because we were headed out, with all the veggies and goodies. That might not be such a bad idea…. *Ü*