25 12 2007

Last night was sushi…king crab and shrimp hand rolls and maki rolls garnished with red bell pepper, spring greens, pencil lead thin asparagus and avocado. I forget how easy that is…it was a perfect light dinner. Ah! I couldn’t very well hit up the tamale makings. I whacked up a 3# pork shoulder and cooked it low and slow until it fell apart. Oh yeah. Now…over to one of those sites over on the right…she’s got a tamale recipe (masa and steaming – masa is the hard part! – THAW out the lard Woman!) I’m going to follow…at least as much as I follow anything!

Tonight is a spiral ham…so there’s enough to nibble at here and there. I roasted it covered for 3 hours, then brushed it with honey and sprinkled it with sugar and had after it with my new torch. No…not a creme brulee torch. Wimpy litte things! Nope. I’ve got a full-size adjustable-flame butane torch straight from the hardware store, thank you so much! Where was this little gem when I was doing sushi last night?? I’d have happily sauced a roll and toasted it right up! Creme brulee will have to be a new experiment! Anyway, the glaze on the ham leaves it ever so slightly smoky flavored.

Tomorrow it’s Christmas Day, and of course Christmas dinner. I’m making a prime rib with broiled lobster. I haven’t selected a recipe for the prime rib yet, but I’ve only got 5-10 recipes. One ought to work! If I keep to my usual track record, I’ll take the seasonings from one, and the cooking method of another, and end up doing my own thing in the end. I’m thinking of making a variation on Ree’s mashed potatoes…The Pioneer Woman Cooks…and oh! Does she ever! Back to the potatoes… They were fabulous…but I’ve got a yen to Kick ’em up a Notch with horseradish. And maybe torch them just enough to brown them ever so slightly…oh yeah! I’ll let you know how that turns out.

For now I’m in culinary heaven. I love to play with food, and work with it to achieve fabulous flavors. I’m home, I’ve got all kinds of food I can cook, and I’m simply tickled beyond belief!

I wish you peace, plenty and simply “enough.” Merry Christmas!




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