Romancing the Bean

13 01 2008

What is it about a pot of beans that just purrs comfort? The Christmas ham ( I know, we didn’t have ham for dinner, but I baked a ham so I could work around meals while I was off work) is down to a manageable mass and ready to give up the bone. So, having separated meat from bone, I tossed the shank into the pot, added 1-1/2 pounds of rinsed dry pintos to the pot (in this case, the “pot” is a 6 qt. pressure cooker), covered it to a depth of 2-1/2 times the pintos, chopped a yellow onion and tossed that in with half a dozen cloves of smashed and minced garlic. Toss in a couple handfuls of diced ham and a little salt for good measure, and put it on the heat. When the pressure comes up, reduce the heat and cook for an hour or so. 90 minutes will definitely have everything nice and cooked. All that’s left is seasoning to taste. If you keep simmering this mixture it will get thick and rib-sticking good. I’m not big on “bean soup,” I prefer mine full of body!

Interesting…this post was saved for me as a draft (power outage), and now I’ve run across a food-blog event about legumes. And, I just bought a 15-bean mixture to try out. Food is so much fun!!




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