The Pioneer Woman REALLY Cooks!

18 01 2008

OMGosh…Ree’s recipes are heaven-sent. Now, I can cook, and I can cook darn well, but we are sincerely loving her recipes!

First, we tried her creamy mashed potatoes. Ok, they’re not exactly low-fat (Have you seen pictures of this woman?? She must spend the other half of her time exercising like a fiend!), but they are hands down the best darn mashed taters you’ll ever stick a fork into. Bar none. She shares her secrets, and the whys and wherefores as much as she can. Mashed potatoes are once again on the menu, and NOT out of a blasted box.

Next, we made a variation of her bread pudding and made a variation of her whiskey sauce…I used Captain Morgan spiced rum instead…another major yummmm. I followed that up with her primer on pot roast. Now…I’ve been making a serviceable pot roast for the past 30-odd years, but not the good ol’ fashioned way…with carrots and onions and rich brown gravy. Her recipe filled that bill just fine…and that nasty gravy I made from the pan juices was heavenly slopped all over the meat and those creamy mashed potatoes. I even ate all my carrots. *Ü* It’s even good left-over and re-heated.

Tonight I made her jalapeno thingies. Those are to die for. I may hate myself tomorrow, but right now, I’m purring. Mr. Green Jeans is purring. We ate every single bite. And would have eaten more if I could have gotten more on the rack. There was a moment of faint pleading in Mr. Green Jeans’ eyes…but he had another helping of maple-laced sweet potatoes instead.

So, thank you Pioneer Woman! I’m so glad you have 4 “punks” at home…cuz that means Mr. Green Jeans will be staying right here with me! He has no desire to raise another 4 punkins! You just keep loving and pleasing Marlboro Man, and I”ll keep coming by “for coffee.” Big hugs to you! You get 4 1/2 whisks any day!




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