Applebee’s Arrives

17 02 2008

Long awaited…Applebee’s has arrived.  Now, you have to know a town is food-challenged when Applebee’s makes the front page of the local paper.

We waited a week to try to get through the door.  My first experience was waiting for a friend on opening day, and waiting was the order of the day.  They were relatively quick to change tables up, but as the dinner hour approached, it got dicey.  I didn’t mind…I wasn’t staying that time.  When we finally gave it a shot, a week later, things hadn’t improved a lot.  We were seated quickly enough, but were ping-ponged between servers as shift change occurred.  We placed our order and prepared to wait…we’d both ordered a beer, and the super-size arrived.  I was a little disappointed in getting the super size without a choice, but we ended up waiting so long for our food that I was plenty glad I had it!  Halfway through our wait, someone tried to serve us food we hadn’t ordered, not once, but twice.  It made us wonder if our food went to the wrong table.  I should have been so lucky.  Yes, I’m spoiled. Yes, I’m particular. Yes, the food really wasn’t good.  Hubster opted for the fish and chips…way, way too salty.  I had some kind of bistro steak sandwich.  It was supposed to be sliced; it was hacked.  Big chunks of meat didn’t fit the ciabatta the way thinly sliced meat would have, so the whole thing fell apart.  Next time I’ll try a salad and see if they can do any better.

Without regard to the forementioned, this will still be the only game in town for a relatively decent meal following chorus on Tuesday nights.  Hopefully, the bartender will be nice because we can both see cooling our parched throats with a brew and having a bite to eat afterward.  There hasn’t been much of anywhere to grab a bite after 9 p.m.

For now…Applebee’s gets 2-1/2 whisks.




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