Guess I’ve been a little busy…

13 04 2008

It’s not that I haven’t cooked…or eaten out… We’ve done both. It has been a busy couple of weeks though.

Cooking…how about spaghetti for 150? I was ever so disappointed that I had to use a PO for one place, and they didn’t have Italian sausage. Ground beef is ok, but…it’s just not “my” spaghetti that way. Still…it came out ok. Note to self…buy more fennel seed…it’s all used up! No…I didn’t invite 150 of my closest friends over for spaghetti…I made spaghetti, salad and bread for the school’s open house dinner. Then I served it and cleaned up. Yeah…guess I’ve been a little busy… *grin*

Dining out… We had a fabulous pizza at Woodstock’s in Chico. We really like their Mt. Lassen combo. It’s a good thing, we ate it for a couple of days whilst I was doing the school thing. We stopped there after the power shopping trip to pick up all the supplies. We’ll give Woodstock’s 2-1/2 whisks. We actually eat their crust all the way to the end! Friday night I had a medical appt. in Chico, so we dropped in to Sierra Nevada’s Brewpub. Normally we love it. This time, well…maybe it was the choice we made. We selected schnitzel with garlic mashed potatoes, butternut squash and sauteed brussels sprouts. Everything tasted incredibly salty to me. The service was fine…though service folks who know me better would have swooped the plate off the table and brought me something else and not let me say it was “ok.” I rarely make negative commentary to the service staff unless it’s just nasty to my tastes. I know they didn’t do it. Well…an exception is bringing me the wrong food…that I’ll speak to immediately. Sierra Nevada….currently at 3 whisks. It’s been better.

Tonight, it’s ribs…beefy ribs. I’m ready! The heat is ON…and I do mean on. It’s been in the upper 80’s and low 90’s. Go figure…this is only APRIL. Please…not so fast! Spring is looking like it’s going to be all of 2 weeks long and wham! Summer is upon us!




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