When will I learn?

25 04 2008

I like food. A lot. Is it so difficult to try to put a plate on a table with food on it that’s edible?

Case in point:

After having a long drawn out doctor’s appointment we determined we’d earned a dinner out. Where to go on a Monday? Neither of us were really in the mood for Chinese or Thai. We’d taken a run out one of the boulevards to see a few places that were new…and not open on a Monday, any Monday. How disappointing. So…that left the “chain gang” and cuisines we weren’t quite up for. I had a yen going for Outback’s Annie Springs Chicken, and Hubster said they could usually do a steak well enough, so that would work for him. One thing about Outback, you sure won’t get a lot of frills on your plate. Meat, side. End of story. Naked. So, there I sit with daydreams of contrasting flavors, honey mustard, smoky bacon and cheese…mmm… One bite pretty much settled that fantasy. The chicken was hockey-puck dry; if there had been honey-mustard involved, it was brief and short-lived. The melty-goodness of a lava flow of cheese wasn’t there either. I should have sent it back, but one has to be able to attract the attention of a “server”; and the food delivery person isn’t your “server.” It’s not like they check with you AFTER you start eating. Hubster’s steak was wonderful. Send the poultry chef HOME. My overall experience this time rates a whopping 1-3/4 whisks, and I won’t hurry back.




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