Novel Food, Summer ’08

22 06 2008

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Ok, I’m late. I admit it. And it really doesn’t matter if I make the round-up or not…it’s that I did read, I did attempt to be inspired to cook from my reading material….but I gotta tell you…I don’t read a lot of novels, and what I do like to read shouldn’t inspire one to run of to the kitchen and whip up a little something… So, I went back to my buddy, Patricia Cornwell…This season’s entry (or not *Ü*) is a salad inspired by Kay Scarpetta’s love of fresh… tomatoes, herbs, pasta…Fresh!

Grilled Chicken Summer Salad

This season we have a Grilled Chicken Summer Salad..a bed of baby spinach, blanketed with baby leaf lettuces, tickled with frisee, sprinkled with sprouts, and topped with marinated grilled chicken breast tenders, an avocado fan and tomato wedges (organic, from a reliable market, and thoroughly scrubbed) on the side.

I love this event, so here ’tis….regardless! *Ü*




3 responses

23 06 2008

This looks really fantastic–perfect for summer! And I’ve been meaning to start on Scarpetta stories, but haven’t taken the time yet… would you consider them light reading?

22 06 2008

Ditto! I love the way you describe your salad, like “tickled with frisee.” Very nice.

22 06 2008

Beautiful salad you two! I’ll definitely have to read one of the Kay Scarpetta novels sometime. Thank you for joining the fun in our NF event!

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