I’m so excited!

28 06 2008

I’ve joined up with a food event called Whisk Wednesdays.  It’s a group of folks working through French cooking classes a la Le Cordon Bleu at Home.  They’re up to Class 13 already, but I shall not be daunted!  I plan to do both 12 & 13 between now and Wednesday.  Class 12 is beef tenderloin steak with the classic Bearnaise sauce.  I’ve wanted to do this for sooooo long!  I think it’s just an awesome opportunity!  Hubster is beaming from ear to ear in anticipation.  Now…is there somewhere in this culinary wasteland I can find beef tenderloin.  And while I’m ever so disappointed at wasting so much of the artichokes for this recipe and the one in Class 13, we must make sacrifices in and effort to learn.  I assure you, I’ll check to see if the leaves can be steamed for snacking.  Like other participants, I’ll be posting my results here.  Now…I’m off to make shopping lists and do some mis en place!   I wonder if anyone has a pronunciation guide??  I didn’t take French…