Class 15: Julienne Darblay

14 07 2008

After needing to take a week off for fires and evacuees, I’m back in the kitchen with the soup, Julienne Darblay. This is a creamy potato and leek soup, with julienned vegetables.  I wasn’t too sure what to expect. I’ve made vichyssoise before, and this was similar.

I started with my julienne veggies…carrot, turnip and leek. I don’t care for cooked turnip in the least, so this was a bit of a test for me. I hoped my palate had grown up enough to accept the flavor. I figured this would be the most time consuming task as well. And it was.
Once I got the veggies cut, then I started working on the broth.  I put the leek slices into a bowl of water to rinse away any traces of sand, even though I felt I’d gotten them well rinsed.  I was surprised to see a little sand in the bottom of the bowl, so I was glad I took this extra step!
Next was cooking the leeks in a bit of butter, just until they were nice and tender, but not at all browned. I worked over a medium low gas flame  While the leeks were cooking, I bundled up my bouquet garni…WOW! What a flavor packed little bundle!! Fortunately, I have fresh thyme and parsley growing, so they were garden fresh into the packet. What an aroma!

While the broth was simmering (I practiced my dicing skills during the potato prep…since it would all be pureed in the end, mistakes didn’t matter!), I cooked the julienned veggies; a minute here, two there…voila!  All done! 

I don’t like trying to blend hot liquid in my blender…and I didn’t want to haul out the food processor, so I put my immersion blender to work. Oh happy day!! That made a huge difference in working with the hot stuff! I poured off a lot of the cooking liquid and pureed just the potato and leek, then added the cooking broth back in. It only took a minute and it was as smooth as it could be.   I tempered the cream with a little of the hot soup, and then I stirred that into the hot soup and we were ready to go. While our sandwiches toasted, I placed the julienned vegetables into the serving bowls and ladled the hot soup over the veggies.

We both liked this soup, and found it a nice base that we could play off of.  It has nice body without being too heavy. I found myself thinking that I may have to grow MORE thyme and maybe even leeks in the future!

Now…about the mussel soup…I honestly tried.  I found fresh mussels on Sunday, but they were far from fresh.  I even called the counter attendant out to take the foul objects away before their odor got into everything.  They only had about 1 pound, and the package they took away was fully 8 oz.  So…no mussels yet.  We’ll try again.  Two items in one week isn’t too bad, if I can just find what I need! *Ü*  Cream of Chicken soup is on deck next!