Chef G. R. or Florence Nightingale?

30 07 2008

That’s interesting…Chef Gordon Ramsey and I have the same first and last initials! Now back to why I came here tonight!

Today I had a choice…work on my Whisk soup, or be the driver and nurse to my beloved, who had the misfortune of being scheduled for a colonic screen test this morning.  He spent yesterday drinking the better part of a gallon of “Polyjuice Potion” as he termed it.  It all went down, but it didn’t all stay put. He groused, but not even what we anticipated, and the procedure was over before we knew it. The biggest problem? Neither of us slept worth a darn last night, had to be on the highway before 7 a.m. to get to the procedure (not done where we live), and then the drowsy one got to drive the snoozy one home. LOL!!  We got home and went to bed…slept the afternoon away.  I thought I’d have a quiet afternoon to myself. I wasn’t planning to be out like a light beside him!  Oh well…you win a few, you lose a few, you draw a few more.  I’ll get on it in the morning.  I’m truly anxious to see how this comes out!