Toasted cheese revisited~

2 08 2008

Late Saturday afternoon…the chores have been calling …and calling…and calling.  Ever have  those times where you get so wrapped up in what you’re doing that you forget about eating?  This was one of those days.  I go back to work next week (that went FAST!!) and I want all the odds and ends tied off before I start back.  The Good Lord above knows I get really sloppy for a few weeks when I first go back to work!

Anyway, between kitchen and back bedroom projects, and getting laundry etc. all caught up, both of us totally forgot about stopping to eat this afternoon.  As I perused the kitchen…where someone STILL needs to do grocery shopping…I thought a grilled cheese would be quick and easy, and not undo too much of my cleaning.  Hmm…no bread.  Rolls, yes.  Burger buns…yes.  Bread?  In the freezer?  SCORE!  Yes, there are 2 mega-healthy loves of whole grain bread in there.  I threw 4 slices in to toast, very lightly.  What’s in the fridge, cheese-wise?  Sliced swiss…great, but not necessarily my first choice for stand-alone grilled cheese.  It’s not often you find processed American cheese here….unless I’m craving it.  Cheddar??  No…piffle.  No muenster (my first choice!), no flavored jack…but there is Monterey Jack, and…wait…what’s that…FRESH water-packed mozzarella….oh yes!  And…is that…could it really be??  Prosciutto…oh, I’m in heaven now.  There’s fresh basil growing in the living room…and yes, there’s still 1 tomato left from the Farmer’s Market.

I layered the lightly toasted bread with slices of the mozzarella (thought about an olive oil brush a little late…would have been fabulous toasted that way!) , added a bit of sliced prosciutto, a dash of chopped basil, and a thick slice of fresh tomato.  The little Caprese rafts were popped into the toaster oven to broil, just until the cheese started melting around the edges.  To serve, sprinkle with a coarse salt – you want a little salty crunch  – and chopped or chiffonade of basil. 

Now isn’t that just the nicest little snack?




2 responses

19 09 2008

Okay…can I come over and have this AND the French Onion Soup? Please???????????????????????????? Otherwise, this is just plain cruel posting these things and making us all drool like fools.

5 08 2008

Mmmm…. We have loads of tomatos at home, and basil too… I think you just solved my dinner plans for the evening! I am havin ga crumby day at work, so I don’t feel liek a fuss. This is perfect!!

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