Onion Soup

13 08 2008

I wonder why it works out that we’re doing soups in the heat of summer…it’s 103º outside. Ish. Fortunately, I did my soup over the weekend when it wasn’t quite so hot!!

We love French Onion soup. I make it fairly often. I was very pleased to see the recipe was almost exactly the way I make my soup already. The only exception was the roux. I don’t usually thicken my onion soup. And we prefer the richness that beef broth adds rather than chicken stock or water. I guess that’s getting pretty different now…well…thickener and different liquid…. I thought the amount of wine was kind of much, until I realized that I use that much sherry for my soup…

And so…we suffered through the enticing aromas of sweating onions…seemingly forever. I cooked them very low and slow while I was doing other things to get supper ready all at the same time. My salmon smoked gently while the onions were getting limp and golden. I cut a sourdough roll into slices and toasted the slices just until they were crusty, but not brown to top the soup with when the time came, and since I had sliced swiss cheese, we used that. Darn…it overlapped a wee bit and anchored the cheesy bread raft in the center of our little soup pond…swimming with tender onion strands.

Mmmm…oops. I guess I got a little anxious. I totally neglected to photograph this soup session. I sliced the onions on my mandoline. It made short work of the onion halves, and seemed to help avoid onion-tears. That was a good thing…onions get me BAD! Here’s a shot of hubby’s soup…patient man that he is. All he did was add pepper, but he always does that.

Doesn’t that look yummy? The cheese was perfectly gooey! The soup came out of the broiler just as it was time to plate our pan smoked salmon and sautéed zucchini. That’s why I was so anxious…I just couldn’t wait to dip my spoon in. Mmmm….

Now…since it’s 103º outside, I think it’s time to do the consommé!