Steak Mirabeau

27 08 2008

Our recipe this week is Steak Mirabeau, or steak with anchovy butter.  The focus is the butter, a compound butter; a butter blended with…let your imagination carry you, but this week, our focus is anchovy butter.  It was simple enough to make; mash drained anchovies and mix with softened butter.  I mashed about 2 anchovy fillets to two tablespoons of butter.  I could see a lot of little bones, and I just don’t like little bones, so I smooshed the mashed fillets through a sieve.  There was plenty enough flavor for the amount of butter.  We served it on grilled T-bones.  We decided it was ok…but we both prefer a butter compound of butter and gorgonzola on steaks.  A little research revealed that this is a tasty butter for any dinner steak, swordfish or salmon, or deep green vegetables.  That makes sense.  It’s more robust that unadorned butter.  Would I make it again?  That depends.  It lurks in the back of my mind now…that means it could pop up sometime!

School started this week.  I’ve worked 3-10 hour days in a row, and I’m tuckered out.  I’m a school secretary, and while I still have all my hair, I’ve decided it’s time for a name change.  I’ve heard mine so many times this week…I’d so like to hear something else!  In some regards, it’s been really good!  I didn’t have any lost children until today…we didn’t lose any today either, but 4 of them went the wrong way at the wrong time.  Not that there’s a right time to misplace someone else’s child, but…  Two got onto a bus they shouldn’t have…and 2 more didn’t get onto the bus they should have.  Anyway, after days like these, cooking is one of the last things I’m thinking of.  Our Steak Mirabeau was a team effort.  Hubster was wonderful.  He did the cooking, and I supplied the butter.  How can you beat that deal?  I can…he also did the dishes.  And no, there are no more at home like him.  Sorry about that.

Next week….Brochet au beurre blanc.  According to the book, this is a whole poached pike with a butter sauce.  Pike.  Hmmm…about as easy to find as langostines.  I wonder what’s available around here…got to call a specialty shop…I love this adventure!