Steak Mirabeau

27 08 2008

Our recipe this week is Steak Mirabeau, or steak with anchovy butter.  The focus is the butter, a compound butter; a butter blended with…let your imagination carry you, but this week, our focus is anchovy butter.  It was simple enough to make; mash drained anchovies and mix with softened butter.  I mashed about 2 anchovy fillets to two tablespoons of butter.  I could see a lot of little bones, and I just don’t like little bones, so I smooshed the mashed fillets through a sieve.  There was plenty enough flavor for the amount of butter.  We served it on grilled T-bones.  We decided it was ok…but we both prefer a butter compound of butter and gorgonzola on steaks.  A little research revealed that this is a tasty butter for any dinner steak, swordfish or salmon, or deep green vegetables.  That makes sense.  It’s more robust that unadorned butter.  Would I make it again?  That depends.  It lurks in the back of my mind now…that means it could pop up sometime!

School started this week.  I’ve worked 3-10 hour days in a row, and I’m tuckered out.  I’m a school secretary, and while I still have all my hair, I’ve decided it’s time for a name change.  I’ve heard mine so many times this week…I’d so like to hear something else!  In some regards, it’s been really good!  I didn’t have any lost children until today…we didn’t lose any today either, but 4 of them went the wrong way at the wrong time.  Not that there’s a right time to misplace someone else’s child, but…  Two got onto a bus they shouldn’t have…and 2 more didn’t get onto the bus they should have.  Anyway, after days like these, cooking is one of the last things I’m thinking of.  Our Steak Mirabeau was a team effort.  Hubster was wonderful.  He did the cooking, and I supplied the butter.  How can you beat that deal?  I can…he also did the dishes.  And no, there are no more at home like him.  Sorry about that.

Next week….Brochet au beurre blanc.  According to the book, this is a whole poached pike with a butter sauce.  Pike.  Hmmm…about as easy to find as langostines.  I wonder what’s available around here…got to call a specialty shop…I love this adventure!



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19 09 2008

Trixie Belden…OH I LOVED Trixie Belden growing up!

I have a husband who makes the steaks, too, and it is such fun to have him cooking alongside me…sort of as the grill is actually outside.

Fun post…fun learning about your life, etc. A school secretary…my husband’s mother was one also and the stories she could tell…LOL!

31 08 2008

Dear Trixie, (as in Belden, new name since you don’t want to be called by the old one!)
I have one of those dish doing hubbies. They are a good catch.
Good tips re the anchovy butter, I have some left over. Leafy greens sounds good, maybe kale.
Good luck on the Pike hunt, we are on the same expedition.

28 08 2008

You are so lucky to have some help in the dishes department since I’ve noticed that I make a ton more dishes for Whisk Wednesdays than any other cooking foray! Good luck with those kids! Sounds busy, hectic, important, but draining.

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