Buerre Blanc

7 09 2008

Finally!  I’m catching up on my Wednesday Whisking…on Sunday.  Mercy…I’m tardy!  But…if you read my Saturday post, you know I’ve been canning up a storm.  I did peach jam and dill pickles today before poaching my fish.  Ok…dinner was way late again this time, but it was tasty!

This week we were to poach a whole pike in a court bouillon.  The poaching was easy enough, the fish choice was not.  This is northern CA.  I think bass or striper might do well this way, and certainly sturgeon would.  However, I was stuck with whatever the given market had available.  Hubster chose mahi.  Ok. Firm, white fish. Poaching should do well for it.

I wasn’t comfortable with the way the court bouillon went together, so I consulted the internet and was directed to one of Alton Brown’s Good Eats recipes for court bouillion.   His recipe called for garlic and added water and lemon juice to the mix.  Works for me.  He also suggests the poaching liquid can be used twice.  Trust me.  We intend to.  Into the freezer with the strained mixture.

The star of the show this week is the buerre blanc.  What a find!  What a rich, silky sauce!  I had miscalculated the amount of butter I needed, so I cut it into smallish pieces to soften faster (not hard in the heat we’ve had this weekend).  When the wine had evaporated and the creme fraiche had reduced by half, I wrapped my saucepan in a towel and whisked in an entire quarter pound of butter (I halved the recipe).  Oh mercy!  Can we say RICH!!  Can we say TASTY??  We certainly said, “Mmmmmmmmmmm…”

This ends our play time with manipulated butters.  We’ve covered compound butters and herb butters, and emulsified butters.  It’s orobably a good thing.  I’ve taken a liking to a particular adult beverage that doesn’t match well with my cholesterol medicine.  I alternate which is going to win during that particular dose time. I really shouldn’t be enjoying all these lovely butters without a way to cut them with olive oil, without my meds.  Go figure.  This was a particularly nice sauce.  I can see using in on salmon, and I dislike salmon, but I’d try it.  The green beans were from the farmers’ market.  Aren’t they pretty?

Off to braising…lousy weather though it is for braising. *sigh*




3 responses

19 09 2008

Oh, your plating is just lovely…look at all those colors making everything a treat for the eye as well as for the tasters! I just love your whole meal…great job! Just beautiful.

9 09 2008

Happy Wednesday! It takes true creativity to design the week according to one’s schedule!
The fish looks really good, I didn’t know that you could re-use the court boullion. Hubby looked at the used veg going into the compost and said “these French recipes are really wasteful aren’t they?” Trust Alton to come to the rescue.
The green beans look really fresh and crisp, just the way I like them.

8 09 2008

ooooh canning?? Your dinner looks amazing! Green beans looks fab!

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