Gold at Gold Country after all…

14 09 2008

Needing a good spoiling type dinner, we gave the Gold Country Casino Steakhouse another try…and we were quite pleased.  Let’s admit it…those of us who cook for pleasure really enjoy it when we have the opportunity to be wined and dined without doing the work, when it’s at least as good as we can turn out on our own.  The better we get, the harder it is to be truly happy after a meal.

The Steakhouse at the casino has a typical western US menu, heavy in steaks, but they also have some really intriguing choices such as Elk medallions.  We opted for the special of the evening, Filet Oscar, which was a 7 or 14 oz. cut of filet, topped with lump crabmeat, asparagus spears and bearnaise.  Oh yeah.  Yum.  Serious yum.  And I ate all but one bite.   They start you with a bread basket of foccacia, a flatbread, and rolls.  We started with a dozen oysters on the half-shell.  Their Shallot Mignonette was wonderful and set of the ice cold oysters nicely.  We decadently followed that with Lobster Bisque laced with cognac.  This was beautifully presented in a slouched bowl, decorated with a lobster medallion and green onion “leaves.”   The soup arrived in a silver teapot and was poured over the garnish at the table.  Very nice, and very, very tasty.  The entreés arrived in a timely fashion after our soups had been consumed, and all was right with the world.  Dessert…well, much as we’d have liked to try something, we were pretty much to the point of not being able to eat anything more, but I wouldn’t have wanted to leave any thng out either!  Maybe next time.  I think I can give them easily 4 whisks.  While I know what went into this meal, I don’t often want to work that hard all in one night, and I have to say I doubt I could have done better this time around.  Bravo!

Fast forward to 2018…The dinner house is now gone in favor of their upscale lounge with dining…SaFire…  I’m not ready to give an opinion of Safire yet…my first experience wasn’t bad at all.  But…it is somewhat different now.



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