Novel Food~September 2008

21 09 2008

Well…here we are again.  Yet another 3 months have passed and it’s time for another Novel Food installment.  I’m late, again…as usual.  At least I have a really good excuse this time.  I was at a wine tasting (I know, not a whole month long…) and we have a party TODAY,   We aren’t catering, but we are attending with food in hand.

The novel, or series of novels that I’m taking my inspiration from is the Diane Mott Davidson mystery series.  The protagonist in this series is Goldy Bear-Schultz, a Colorado caterer who finds herself being folded into one mysterious death sequence after another.  I have to say, I’d be a little concerned about living in this community with it’s very high death rate!  That having been said, all of these mysterious occurrences take place in, around and about Goldy’s catering venues.  Not only do we hear about the various foods she’s preparing for the Colorado elite, the author shares the recipes with us throughout the pages of the book.

Catering equals parties, parties equal party foods, which says 1 bite…1 exquisite bite to me.  I can’t take complete credit for these.  These are The Pioneer Woman’s bacon-wrapped jalapeno-thingies.  Hey, I didn’t name them.  I just make them.  LOTS of them.  They’re so hard to leave alone! The second picture shows them fresh, hot out of oven.

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Thingies are so easy to construct, and so easy to cook that there’s no reason not to make them.  Cut jalapenos in half and remove the seeds and pithy ribs.  How many?  Enough.  Enough to make you happy, and then about 6 more than you thought that would be, and multiply that by the number of people you want to be happy.  Stuff the jalapeno halves with cream cheese, wrap with a piece of bacon (Ree cuts a pound of bacon into thirds…that works with some bacon, but not all), secure with a wooden pick, and place on a rack above a baking pan.  Here, I skipped that step because I was making a BUNCH of these little devils.  Bake at 375º for 20-25 minutes, or until the bacon is cooked.

The third shot shows the little nibbles draining.  I had a few problems with the bacon shrinking a little too much for some of the bites, and I had to redo the pick securing the bacon on several pieces.  The final shot is a platter ready to be served.  They’re so addictive.  And those that just wouldn’t get pretty enough to go on the platters?  Don’t worry.  They find their own place.  Serve hot out of the oven, or serve at room temperature.  But do serve them if you can tear yourself away from them!

Many thanks to The Pioneer Woman for sharing her recipe and to Simona and Lisa who make Novel Food possible!




5 responses

4 10 2008

These sound amazing. I would just eat a whole platter of these for dinner.
I am liking the sound of these books, I will have to keep an eye out for them.
I could use a mystery, I think I have been through all of the PD James series.

22 09 2008

Ah, that’s why that recipe name was familiar–I read the PW blog, too. 🙂

It seems I recently read another series where a caterer gets involved in all kinds of mysteries, with recipes at the back of the book, but that one takes place on the East coast. Who knew caterers would solve crime?

22 09 2008

If I saw these on the snack table at a party, I’d probably spend the whole evening right by the food.

Sounds like you might also like the mystery series (can’t remember the name) that features a cookbook writer named Carolyn Blue. The one book I read, “Truffled Feathers,” features murder and baked scallops and really good pastrami. 🙂

21 09 2008

I like the way you talk about being happy and making people happy. I guess it is a good antidote to the mysterious deaths of the novels. Thanks for participating in our event.

21 09 2008

These are fun (I must make some as soon as humanly possible), and thanks much for taking part in the event again. I added you to my part of the roundup just now. Happy continued reading and cooking!

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