Rewinding a few Wednesdays…

5 10 2008

For whatever reason(s), I haven’t managed to get posts done the past couple of weeks.  The last time I posted for Whisk Wednesday was for our Stew of Beef…I missed the veal stew due to a shortage of veal, but I told Shari I’d make Chicken Picatta to make up for it.  And I did! LOL!

In any Picatta dish, the sauce is what makes it.  Broth, white wine and lemon spiked with capers create a luscious sauce that pairs with chicken breast scallops that have been paneéd (pounded flat).  The scallops are very lightly floured, cooked in butter and olive oil just until barely colored, then sauced.  We had a spinach soufflé on the side.

This past week, we were to stew lamb shoulder chunks with potatoes, onions, turnips and carrots.  I took some serious liberties with this concept… I roasted my lamb instead, with the same basic ingredients as the stew called for.  I added beef broth, red wine and water to the roast, and cooked it as they did the stew…only all my vegetables were added to the pot one hour before serving.

Other liberties included NOT turning my veggies.  That’s summer practice, and not fot when I’m pressed for time.  To try to stay in keeping with the reasoning (other than prettiness) of turning veggies, which is to create uniform size pieces which will be done at similar times, I performed my bonne homme hack – I chunked things up the same size.  That way I achieve part of the purpose and pay homage to my inner frugality! LOL!  This came out really well, and we enjoyed it quite a lot, but we both decided we don’t really care for cooked turnips much…unless they’re hiding.

In betwixt and between, I also threw together a Cajun Rib Eye for two…

This evil little beastie is a thick cut ribeye, pan fried in olive oil and butter, 1 minute per side and flip until desired doneness is achieved.  The sauce is made from the pan juices, deglazed with hearty red wine, to which you add 20 or so cloves of garlic and some thick cut mushroom slices.  When that’s reduced by about half, add some beef stock and reduce it some more.  When it’s reduced by half again, stir in 1 Tbsp. of butter and spoon over sliced steak.  Yummmmmm….

Since then I’ve been playing with eggs.  The hens are laying…5 to 6 eggs a day, so we’re pretty much egg-happy here right now.  If there’s a new way to cook an egg, I’m up for it!  Saveur magazine just did a breakfast issue…and I’ve done lots of those recipes recently!  That omelet a la milk-shake machine IS just that fluffy and frothy! *Ü*  I’ll try to get back on track this week.  I’ve got cod instead of whiting, but at least I’ve got some fish! LOL!  Happy Whisking my friends!