Fall has arrived, and with it…Comfort Food!

12 10 2008

I actually lost 6 pounds in the past year.  Now comes the season where it will be amazing if I don’t put it all back on.  I love Fall food…braises, stews, warm aromas filling the air… Ahhh…. The weather turned off chilly this week.  Here in N. California chilly means it’s finally dropped below 70º.  It’s safe to use the oven again. *Ü*  Our house is a small cottage.  Through the summer months using the oven isn’t pleasant as the whole house heats up.  But now…bring it on!

I did a roasted chicken from Le Cordon Bleu at Home this week.  I forgot to take pictures of it when it came out of the oven.  Dagnabbit.  It was so pretty. And we were starving after smelling it for the better part of an hour!  I wasn’t even feeling up to cooking either.  Go figure.  It was really very good, and I saved the carcass for soup, which is still slowly simmering.  I’ll finish the soup off sometime today.

Then there was something akin to chile verde which we’re calling Chipotle Verde.  I used a pork butt (boneless) cut into bite-sized chunks and seared it, then added diced green chiles, fresh poblanos (tiny red ones), chicken stock, a jalapeno, 2 onions, a bunch of garlic cloves (smashed), a bit of oregano, and the aforementioned chipotles in adobo and cooked it all for about 25-30 minutes in the pressure cooker.  This was the hit of the week.  If I could get my hands on a reasonably priced pork shoulder or butt roast right now, we’d have it again before I forget how I made it.  We’ve eaten it 2 nights in a row and were still purring.  This one is a major keeper.  But then, we really like Mexican food to start with, and this wasn’t too hot and spicy, but it has a bite…a nice warm you to your toes bite.

And eggs…what to do with upteen-dozen eggs?  I know…the girls will slack off some as winter draws nigh, and we are down by one hen.  She wanted to have a nest outside the safety of the fences.  We’d just found where she was nesting too, darn it.  But for an extra night, we’d have had her safely inside the fences.  Whatever got her ate her eggs (we’d left her 4 to nest with) and dragged her off to the wild-lands.  Jasmine found her feathers.  She probably tracked the critter out to the site of her demise.  I’m thinking a raccoon…but we’ve had problems with bobcats here too.  We know there are coyotes as well, but they wouldn’t have gotten in so close without the outside dogs raising a ruckus.  I think they’re used to the raccoon…only Jasmine bothers with him.  And she tried, bless her heart. She tried to let us know.  She just wasn’t as insistent as she was the last time she cornered one of the little masked bandits.

I just stumbled across another blogging group…Bread Baking Babes?  I may have to check these gals out.  I love bread making, I just haven’t done it for a number of years.  I’m actually quite proficient at it.  I even have a great stand mixer to help me out…I could do this quite easily…Hmmmm…I can’t stand it…I’m in search of!  Ready or not…here I come!



One response

12 10 2008

I had no idea you were in the country. The fall meals you have been preparing sound so earthy and satisfying. Perfect for the cooling weather.
I think that you would be perfect to play along with the BBB. I have been enjoying the challenges immensely. The folk (like us) who play along and bake the bread get the honour of being called Bread Baking Buddies and get a badge for each finished challenge. Sort of like Scouts for bakers!
They announce towards the end of the month and you seem to have a week or two to bake, post and contact the host kitchen.

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