Time flies…

10 11 2008

No, I didn’t drop off the face of the earth, and I sure haven’t stopped cooking, I just haven’t posted in an embarrassingly long period of time.  I haven’t been following Whisk Wednesday too closely either.  I purchased a 15# boneless pork butt and rendered that into chile verde, sausage and other assorted goodies.  I’ve canned tomatillos until my eyes were almost green…  It’s fall, so we’ve started soups again. I started the season with a 15 bean mixture…it was decidedly interesting, but I think I’d like to try some of the more interesting varieties by themselves. Cranberry beans…you don’t see those in CA very frequently…but we do find black turtle beans.

I’m going to try to get back on track…maybe being really busy has something to do with it too…  I know there’s been a LOT going on, and I’m pretty well spent by the time I get home.  We seem to be eating a lot of eggs at the moment as well.  I’m content with eggs benedict or something similar for dinner.  It’s quick, feels a little decadent, and it’s easy.  Having 15 dozen eggs in the fridge doesn’t hurt either.  We have an egg and spinach class coming up, and I’ve already tested it…oooh…yummers!

I’ve got 2 classes to catch up on…deep fried shrimp and (darn…) steak with green peppercorns.  I can do those in one day.  The shrimp looked to me like a fabulous pathway to a shrimp po’boy.  The method of cooking is the same…the bath and breading are just slightly different.  And that sounds like a great lunch.  I’ve got another 2 nights home, so we might have to try the peppercorn steak tonight and the shrimp for early lunch.  Well…early meaning we rarely eat on a normal schedule.

We do have 2 new restaurants in town.  I was excited to hear La Comida was going to be here, until I went there.  Taco Bell is in no danger. They have more menu choices.  This was pretty straight-forward, almost-a-chain “quick” food with a cafeteria atmosphere.  They can’t hold a candle to the various taquerias we already have in town.  We ate there…except for a possible taco-attack, I can’t see the point of eating there again.   The other new place is “The River Steakhouse.”  No comments on that yet…we haven’t been.  We know the owners, as does half the town.  We’ll get there…we usually like to let a new place work out a few bugs before dropping by.

So…that’s enough out of me until I get some kitchen time in.  Did I mention I also have a 61# pumpkin to mess with?  Oy vey!!




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13 11 2008

Oh, you will enjoy both those recipes…they were so good. I hope you get to make them soon! If not, there is always the day that you will say, “Oh, hey, today’s the day I feel like making that such and such” and you’ll make it then!

12 11 2008

Time can get away from you.
Usually it is housework that gets forgotten around here….
The shrimp did make for a good po’boy – I put one in hubby’s lunch the next day.

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