Workshop Food

16 11 2008

This was an interesting week for food in my world.  My principal is hosting a Language Arts workshop at our school.  There are 2 days in November and 5 days in December.  She agreed to provide food for the 7 days, and handed that little task off to me.  She emphasized, “This does NOT mean you HAVE to cook.”  Now…what self-respecting food loving cook (with all these fabulous -choke-cough- choices) would abandon people to that kind of food??  So, while I’m not expected to cook, I can at least put together components that add up to a decent spread for these poor folks.  It’s breakfast and lunch for 15 seven times.  That’s not insane.

I shopped hard Thursday night, and got all their tableware together, and goodies for the Friday and Saturday meals.  The breakfast spread was a fresh fruit bowl, with choices of yogurt and granola, orange juice, and coffee.  On Friday they had assorted bagels to toast with cream cheese, herbed cream cheese and orange butter as spreads.  On Saturday, they had assorted muffins as their bread item.  Lunch on Friday was lasagne or cheese manicotti…freshly baked from frozen.  I can’t be everywhere doing everything while I’m running the school from the office! LOL!  In December, they’ll have several casseroles as well, but many of those will be made by me in advance.  They’re having enchiladas one day, and I most certainly will make those.  The group is split fairly evenly, men to women…also meat eaters -v- vegans.  So…whatever they get, there needs to be a vegan alternative with it.  It all works.

No pictures this time.  The spread ended up looking very nice both days. I had to do both Friday and Saturday up on Friday, as I was asked not to work on Saturday.  I sent them to the best local sandwich shop for Saturday’s lunch.  I’ll take stock of what we have left and calculate the December week from that.  And now…back to our regularly scheduled lives… *Ü*



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