As the carrot tournes

27 12 2008

One of the techniques students of Le Cordon Bleu are expected to master is the tourné of vegetables.  Turning vegetables is the bane of the culinary student.  At loss to explain why 7 sides are inportant, or indeed why is turning important at all, students dutifully obey Chef, knowing there’s nary a tourneéd veggie in the states.

Ok.  Being fair, this is at least worth a try.  I’m home, there’s time and there are now carrots.  Shreds can be used for muffins or carrot cake.   The turned carrots can dance alongside anything I cook at this point.  I’ve held that I’m a more rustic kind of cook, but this week is the week to check on this technique.

There aren’t a lot of references to turning veggies.  There are a couple of articles decrying the necessity, and a couple videos that happen so fast I can’t tell what happened.  So far, I’ve found 3 decent instructions.  LCBH has the tiniest little picture in the technique section.  Great.  I feel like I’m cutting D & D dice from carrots…might be easier!

No. I’m not sharing any pictures yet.  That will come at some point, but not yet.  I cut a couple of pounds of carronts tonight, and I don’t have the idea down good yet, but I’m getting there.  I have a “bird’s beak” knife, as well as several paring knives.  I’ll get the hang of this sooner or later.  Wait…zucchini??  They use zucchini to do this too??  Hmmm… I need to think on this more.  We’ll get back to this subject someday!