Rewind: Pavés de Rumsteak au Poivre Vert

11 01 2009

Friday night didn’t work out quite the way I anticipated.  I’d been looking forward to dinner out all day long…then I looked at the menus of my local choices.  Good enough, not great, nothing special and worse.  Hmm…we have a common thread here.  I’m going to separate myself from my “hard earned money” when they can’t do half of what I’ve been doing?  I don’t think so.  I sighed heavily, and headed to market.

Pavés de Rumsteak au Poivre Vert (Sirloin Steaks with Green Peppercorns) was a lesson I didn’t do on schedule.  We’d just had a steak a few days earlier, and I couldn’t get green peppercorns for love, money, marbles or chalk.  Another common thread in my posts! LOL!  We’re still in search of veal bones.  Since I’d secured a bottle of green peppercorns from Penzey’s, this sounded like a plan.  I had cream in the fridge, and cognac in the panty, so all I needed was a steak.

I confess, I didn’t do the potatoes that went with the dish in the book.  I cut myself a little slack.  It was Friday night, I’d worked all week, and I’d even cooked every night.  I went with baked potatoes and escalleped mushrooms with our steaks in green peppercorn sauce.  Sadly, what they sold me as sirloin was as sad a cut as they could get away with passing off as sirloin.  We’ll be doing this again with a decent little steak.  It was very tasty, even if a challenge to eat! LOL!  The gratin on the mushrooms looks darker than it actually was, but I still got really close to scorching them!