Rewind: Pavés de Rumsteak au Poivre Vert

11 01 2009

Friday night didn’t work out quite the way I anticipated.  I’d been looking forward to dinner out all day long…then I looked at the menus of my local choices.  Good enough, not great, nothing special and worse.  Hmm…we have a common thread here.  I’m going to separate myself from my “hard earned money” when they can’t do half of what I’ve been doing?  I don’t think so.  I sighed heavily, and headed to market.

Pavés de Rumsteak au Poivre Vert (Sirloin Steaks with Green Peppercorns) was a lesson I didn’t do on schedule.  We’d just had a steak a few days earlier, and I couldn’t get green peppercorns for love, money, marbles or chalk.  Another common thread in my posts! LOL!  We’re still in search of veal bones.  Since I’d secured a bottle of green peppercorns from Penzey’s, this sounded like a plan.  I had cream in the fridge, and cognac in the panty, so all I needed was a steak.

I confess, I didn’t do the potatoes that went with the dish in the book.  I cut myself a little slack.  It was Friday night, I’d worked all week, and I’d even cooked every night.  I went with baked potatoes and escalleped mushrooms with our steaks in green peppercorn sauce.  Sadly, what they sold me as sirloin was as sad a cut as they could get away with passing off as sirloin.  We’ll be doing this again with a decent little steak.  It was very tasty, even if a challenge to eat! LOL!  The gratin on the mushrooms looks darker than it actually was, but I still got really close to scorching them!




3 responses

24 01 2009

That was one of my favorite recipes also…those green peppercorns really really made that dish…yours looks lovely…the whole plate looks absolutely wonderful and who would not want to sit down with that???? Great job.

21 01 2009

The pepper steak is still 1 of my favorite recipe so far. SOOooooo good! And your looks great and I am hungry now!


16 01 2009

I’m glad you were able to make this and liked it even with a lesser-cut of beef! I hope things are improving in the health department down there. Thinking of you!

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