Whisk Wednesdays and delays…

19 01 2009

We had a little hiccup from Life show up last week…Bruce had a heart attack and we ended up with him in the hospital for a few days.  So…3 doctors, 2 stents and 5 days later, we were finally able to escape.  It’s got to be easier to get someone out of jail than the hospital!  We had to wait for the Cardiologist to sign us off.  Then we had to wait for the doctor on call to release us.  After that, there’s all the paperwork to get together and signed off…at least his nurse was really on the ball for that part.  He was ready for everything but the final meds.  And now we’re home, trying to adjust to our new normalcy.  The heavy cream sauces and butter are no longer part of our “diets.”  I’ll work around them as well as I can, or those sauces will be part of our “once in awhile.”

And now I’m off to braise the chicken for Poulet en Cocotte Grand-Mère (Braised Chicken Casserole with Bacon, Mushrooms, Potatoes, and Onions).  Well, after I turn my potatoes first.  I’ve already done the mushrooms and onions, and carrots as well.  Practice, practice!



One response

24 01 2009

I will say that is some “hiccup” that you are going through over there. You know, even without the high fat ingredients, there is still a lot to learn as I really think that a lot of the French success in cooking is the method that they use to cook/bake, etc. things which bring out the best in all the flavors of the ingredients they use…truly the techniques are the things I am most intent on learning here. That said, think of the techniques being a great friend to help you bring out all the flavors so that you don’t miss the butter and cream…that you can enhance the items with the flavors from the methods of cooking…that would be a great thing to have happen!

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