Côtes de Porc Flamande

21 01 2009

A lot has happened in my world since last Wednesday, but cooking is still a major part of our life, so we’re carrying on!  I actually did fix the chicken dish from last week on Monday night of this week.  I didn’t think to take pictures.  I was tired and not thinking 100% clearly.  Without regard, the chicken came out incredibly moist, and smelled heavenly while it cooked.  Even though neither of us were particularly hungry, we wanted to taste what we’d been smelling.  I fixed a pan sauce and carved half of the breast and we ate it with mushrooms and onions along side.  I didn’t fix potatoes.  Sorry about that.  And that brings us up-to-date for Côtes de Porc Flamande.

Côtes de Porc Flamande is pork chops baked with thinly sliced potatoes sprinkled with thyme then drizzled with butter.  I confess, I reduced the butter as much as I dared.  Still…the aroma of roasting pork, potatoes and butter was intoxicating, and felt perfect for a misty winter night.  This time I remembered to take pictures, but I forgot to put the card in the camera…yes, I’m still tired.  Go figure.  So, go on over to the Whisk Blog and take a look at Shari’s potatoes.  Hers look truly fabulous anyway.

Next up is trout with almonds…happy whisking until next week!