25 01 2009

Today’s precarious economy, further fueled by California’s lack of a state budget, has made living and working in California an interesting experience as of late.  I’m a school employee.  Our district’s working budget for the year has already been reduced from figures the state released in My-June of 2008.  We honestly don’t know how long capital can hold out.  The state can’t pay it’s bills, including funding education, among other things – fire, law enforcement, state government expenses…  It’s times like this I’m glad I know a few tricks.

Beat convenience packaging.  A 9 0z. package of sliced breast of turkey was $3 – on sale.  I bought a 10 pound deli turkey, whole, for $18.00.  $1.88 per pound, and the roast was 10#.  I recently bought a mid-range priced deli slicer, thinking in advance.  If you can’t afford, or can’t store 10 pounds of turkey all at once, see if a friend will go in with you.  Even if you have to take the roast to a butcher or deli counter for slicing, you’re going to be well ahead of the game.  I figured the second 6 packages of sliced turkey were all “free.”  The same follows with other cuts of meat.  Alton Brown recently did a show on the value of buying a whole beef tenderloin.  I wish I could have watched it carefully.  It makes so much sense.   I’ve purchased pork butt that way…we got some great cuts and sausage out of it.  I’ve got a package of beef cuts right now.  I’m sure it’s good enough for stewing and stir-fries.  Mmmmm….shredded beef for tacos…  I’ll stop by and show you what I come up with! LOL!  Have a great day!



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