Perfect Shrimp…every time

8 02 2009


Everyone needs a solid standard recipe for pre-cooking shrimp for appetizers and other quick-fix meals.  This is my all-time standby.  I found it in a regional cookbook about 20 years ago.  It comes from the Favorite Seafood Recipes by the Noyo Women for Fisheries, Fort Bragg, CA.   They don’t suggest their recipes are “original” just their favorites.  Out of all my cookbooks, this is one recipe committed to memory!

Perfect Shrimp

Peel and devein the quantity of shrimp you need.  Or, if you want to make “peel and eat” shrimp, just devein them.

In a deep, heavy pan, heat the amount of salted water it will take to cover the shrimp completely.  Add any flavorings to the water that you desire (shrimp or crab boil, lemon, etc.).  When the water is boiling briskly, turn off the heat and add the shrimp, stirring once to circulate.  Put the lid on and set aside.  Leave small shrimp 3-4 minutes, large shrimp about 6 minutes.  Drain completely and submerge in an icy water bath to stop the cooking process.

Shrimp prepared this way may be kept, tightly covered in the refrigerator up to a week.  They may be eaten as it, marinated, used in a salad, crepes, etc.   They’ll never be mealy or dry prepared this way.

This particular batch had 1 tbsp. of pickling spice added, with extra crushed red peppers for a little extra zing.  We ate the first half of the batch with just lemon and cocktail sauce…and we were very happy with them.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with these, but I’ll bet they get eaten today sometime!




4 responses

18 02 2009

Now doesn’t that look gorgeous! Shrimp…what would I do without shrimp!

13 02 2009

It’s good to know how to simply cook shrimp. I was lucky enough to purchase 6 very snooty looking shrimp cocktail dishes from an estate sale. It’s a glass bowl you place inside a silver bowl that contains the ice. I want to show these off at my next dinner party. You never see things like that anymore, which is why I love estate sales.

11 02 2009

Oh MY….the shrimp are to die for!!! Now, I’m thinking shrimp for dinner. Hmmmmmm…………….

9 02 2009

This sounds like the method I use also. I did not know, however, that shrimp could keep a week in the frig…really??? Really??? In my mind, I have always thought, two days, three at the outside, and they are either eaten or garbage…I never knew you could keep them a week. Thanks for the info. Your shrimp in this photo look outstanding.

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