Whisk Wednesdays Winter Gift Exchange

28 02 2009

One of our group suggested we do a gift exchange to help pass the Winter.  What a great idea!  We found we were spread all over North America…wow!  I think everyone decided to participate, so little packages have been flying about for the past month.  My package is currently winging it’s way to…… in ……..  I can’t tell you….it’s a surprise!!

In the meanwhile…my package from ……….. has arrived!  Woo-hooo!!  What special gifts I received!  And how incredibly appropriate too!  See?


There was a gift bag from the Le Cordon Bleu Boutique.  I’ve never heard of such a place!! Oh how FUN!!!  Here’s what was in the bag…a LCB apron, and LCB tea towels.  They’re sparkling white with the blue LCB logos.  Thank you so much!!  We also found boxes of silicone muffin cups…regular and mini sizes. I didn’t have any yet, so I can hardly wait to try these out!  There’s also a liquid measure…looks like a great tool! And a silicone spatula…who can have too many of those?  This one is curved….love it!  My sender sent a couple of clues along…regional food treats…Honey Tarragon mustard (yumm!) and a can (how interesting!!) of pure maple syrup!  She also included a recipe for a Big Pancake…a favorite at their house.  Thanks so much!!  I’ve never made one, but I’ll have to give it a try!  Now, there’s no way that _____ could know that I stick small recipe cards to my fridge with magnets while I’m cooking, but there’s a magnet from LCB to help me out with that!  How fun!! I love it!!  And last, but certainly not least, is a little whisk.  Who could ask for a better gift??  Thank you soooooo much!!  I love every single thing and can’t wait to get back into the kitchen this weekend!!   *BIG hugs**

3/5/2009 ~

Finally…All the packages have arrived and I can thank SHARI (now how COOL is that???) for all the lovely gifts…especially the items from LCB!  I’m so enchanted!!  But, I’m betting I use the little 1/4 cup measure most.  It just has that sweet feel to it!  Shari, everything is so fabulous!  I can hardly wait to try out the little silicone muffin cups! I’ve put the silicone spatula to work already.  I have 2…flat ones.  This is my first curved…LOVE it!!  I’ll cherish the apron and towels…how special!!  The magnet has jumped to the front of the refrigerator!  I’m saving the maple syrup…canned…what a CONCEPT!  I love the tarragon-honey mustard!  I’m hunting for just the right sausage for that!!  I’m looking forward to the next rainy Saturday so I can fix the BIG Pancake!  I’ve never made anything like it…but it sounds marvelous!  And a whisk…LOL!  How appropriate!  Thank you SOOOOO much for my lovely gifts!  It really made my day!




3 responses

8 03 2009

Before the final blurb, I knew this had to be Shari with all the LCB stuff! Wow…what fun is that! I further deduced it was her as her name is on the recipe card…hold onto that thing as Shari is going to be famous soon and you will have a recipe in her writing complete with autograph!! What a great package…I can tell you loved everything in it!

5 03 2009

I’m so glad you liked everything. It was so much fun to shop and pick up things I thought you’d like. 🙂

28 02 2009

OMG….the maple syrup! I did not know about Le Cordon Bleu stores either…hmmm another place to shop! The “Big Pancake” sounds interesting. I’ve made an oven pancake but never the “Big Pancake”…LOL!

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