Class 22: Pintadeaux au Chou

1 03 2009

Class 22 Les Volailles – Poultry
Part 1: Pintadeaux au Chou ~ Guinea Hens with Cabbage


That sure doesn’t say much imply that there’s going to be a flavor party on your plate.  But that’s exactly what’s going to happen…  We all subbed Cornish Game Hen for the guinea hens, because guinea hen just isn’t marketed much, at least not in the US.  I wonder how many of us have actually seen a guinea hen, much less tasted the meat?  It’s really too bad, as guinea hen is darker meat and would have been luscious in this dish.  Game hen is more white meat these days, which is much drier in texture.  Nevertheless, this was a wonderful dish, especially for a cold, wet night!


The recipe (found in Le Cordon Bleu at Home) was easy enough to follow…loads of pans again.  I did my steps out of order and managed to save using 2.  I had lots of bowls on the side instead.  *Ü*  If I make it again (and I probably will…), I’d use a large, deep casserole dish…5 to 7 qt.  I was using my 4 inch deep cast iron pan, and I barely fit everything in.  I’d start my game hens upside down and turn them after 10 minutes, to breast up.  Other than that…the game hens were flavorful, the vegetables were so tender and full of flavor!  And the sausage managed to fill in all the corners providing a richness that was heavenly.  You wanted a bit of everything on your fork…  It did make an awful lot of food for 2 people though.  Next time, I’ll try to cut the recipe in half…


And then again, maybe not.  The left-overs worked into an incredible soup.  I don’t have the faintest idea why this is so doggone yummy, but it surely is.  I sliced some potato quarters about 1/4 inch thick and cooked them in a little butter and olive oil.  Next,  I added 1-1/2 cups of chicken broth, the white of a leek (sliced) and the remainder of the cabbage that I didn’t cook the night before.  I brought all that to a boil, reduced the heat and simmered the mixture for about an hour.  I boned the hens, and added the meat to the soup, then cut the remaining sausage into bites and set it aside until I was ready to add dumplings to it.  Oh my.  Pure comfort food on a rainy night!

One last thing…we’re supposed to tail our post with our favorite plates…


I love my black plates.  I don’t have a set, I have individual plates, different sizes, different angles…  It started as a sushi thing.  The quarter round plates are ideal for sushi handrolls.  I have a rectangular plate too.  I think I have a pair of round salad plates too, but maybe not.  *Ü*  I love these plates for photography.  They’re great to help colors POP!  Yes, I confess…I occasionally buy plates for their photogenic qualities.  If it looks good in a photo, it’s going to look just as good on a buffet table!

Until next time…Happy Whisking!




4 responses

8 03 2009

Your chicken dish looks so good…I could just sit down and start snacking right now! Great job. Love your plates…I can just see how food would look on these plates…gorgeous!

3 03 2009

I don’t have a single black plate. Now you got me thinking…

3 03 2009

I found guinea hen at the butcher after making this, so I’m now prepared with a partridge, guinea hen, cornish hen, quail and regular chicken in my freezer! Glad you made it and liked it. I love that black dish too!

1 03 2009

Oh Glennis, this looks just wonderful! So colorful and I love the way your plated the dish too!

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