Poulet à la sauge

14 03 2009

Fricassée de Poulet à l’ail et à la Sauge (Chicken Fricassee with Garlic and Sage) was our assignment for March 6th…timing didn’t work out so well for me, but I finally got to it on the 9th.  This was a fabulous dish!  I reduced it by half, and that worked well too.

poulet-ckbkOne of the fun things we do at Whisk Wednesdays is share how we do various things, or what our particular “something” is…this week we shared how we have our cookbooks while we’re working…this is pretty typical for me.


Our recipe calls for serving pieces of chicken, a substantial quantity of garlic-unpeeled, mind you! – thinly sliced sage and a cup of dry white wine.  I tend to like to cook with Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio for the most part.  This time I selected an Italian Pinot Grigio.  When I tasted it, I was a little set back by the fruitiness, and questioned myself about adding it to this dish.  In the end, I decided to go with it…thinking we might add another layer of flavor.


The first step is to heat the oven and brown the chicken pieces.  I used the leg-thigh combination and the wings for the two of us, and reduced everything except the quantity of wine by half as well.


Garlic is added and cooked with the browned chicken.  The garlic is supposed to be cooked without coloring.  I lose a couple of points there.  That’s about as brown as it got though, so it didn’t get too carmelized.


Add the wine, sprinkle on the sliced sage, cover and pop it into the oven for about enough time to steam a pot of rice.  Do many people cook rice in pots on the stove top any more?  Another interesting poll thought!


20-30 minutes later…this is what you’ve got…  The meat was moist and so full of flavor!  I know there was a comment among our group that the recipe was salt-heavy.  I’d have to agree.  If I hadn’t missed adding salt in one step, this wouldn’t have been nearly as balanced.  I served this with steamed rice and a vegetable.  We each ate the quarter, so the wings were left as well as a quantity of sauce.  It made the yummiest lunch the next day!

This is another serious keeper recipe!  There’s no cream, so it’s not heavy in fat, and it’s full of flavor.  It also left me with the full breast for another dinner.  This is starting to sound like something I could plan around!  Watch the thread…I feel a series comin’ on!




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19 03 2009

Oh your finished dish looks so wonderful! I can almost taste it just looking at the photo! Great job. Love the cookbook holder, that is such a beautiful shot…with the wine bottle overlapping the pages like that…very nice photo. And, I still cook rice on the stove, what am I supposed to be doing? HELP, I didn’t know there was another way! Email me if you have time! Or do a post photo showing what you use. I need to get into the 21st century…rumor has it I barely made it into the 20th and they switched it on me! LOL!

18 03 2009

I loved this dish, and now seeing yours, I want to make it again! Love the sprig of sage in there too. And your cookbook holder is a perfect use of a wine bottle!

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