Jousting with Asparagus, et al

2 04 2009

The Royal Foodie Joust is well underway.  This month the ingredients, chosen by the March Joust winner, 5 Star Foodie, are :

Asparagus (white or green)

There’s one thing that’s absolutely certain about any Royal Foodie Joust…you can get seriously intimidated visiting the Joust thread.  OMGosh!!  By the time I was able to stop by to see what the ingredients were, several foodies had already posted.  Asparagus and Lemongrass aren’t necessarily automatically paired, but before the first week was out, there were a number of very creative submissions!  I didn’t go back.  It was too scary!  Meaning I was afraid I’d talk my happy little self right out of cooking and submitting!  So…here goes…without a net….

Lemongrass-Asparagus Couscous with Slivered Almonds


I used Israeli Couscous, and simmered the toasted pearls in lemongrass-infused chicken broth.  While the couscous was simmering, I toasted slivered almonds in unsalted butter until both the butter and the nuts browned slightly.   I removed the nuts from the pan and sauteed the asparagus in the same pan without wiping it clean.  I added additional butter as well as any butter that would pour off the nuts.  As the last of the excess moisture cooked out of the couscous, I stirred the asparagus into the couscous and added the almonds.  The asparagus really brought out the slight lemony flavor of the couscous.  It made a fabulous side dish for roasted chicken.



3 responses

5 04 2009

This looks yummy. I love to use Israeli Couscous.

5 04 2009

This looks so wonderful…everything about it just sounds and looks delightful. I would say you met this challenge with gold stars! Great job!

2 04 2009

This looks so good Glennis! I’ve wanted to try Israeli Couscous forever but I can’t seem to find it in the store and to order mail order is just not cost effective.

Great job!

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