Whisking Frogs’ Legs…not.

2 04 2009

Don’t get me wrong…I’d love to whisk frogs’ legs…they just aren’t available.  I did find some available on the world wide web, but the shipping was killer.  It was going to cost me $36 to buy $16 worth of frogs’ legs.  Now, check my math, cuz it’s not my best subject, but last time I did addition 36 + 16 = 52….and $52 to try these lil suckers wasn’t going to happen.  Shari & I talked about making the recipe with chicken wings instead, but the more I thought about it, chicken wouldn’t be tender enough.  This is one that will make a repeat visit when I run across frogs’ legs later this year.  That will happen, and all will be well.



One response

5 04 2009

I’m not making this either…the shipping was a little better for me as I could do ground from Maryland, but I was getting ready to order it this morning, cruised the blogs to see what you all had done, and burst into tears when I saw the photo on Shari’s site of the uncooked frog legs. I had a very difficult time handling that little quail a couple weeks ago, and decided I am just not doing things that look like little babies. Next week’s recipe, I am good to go.

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