TFF-Pan Roasted Pork Chops with Spiced Apples

10 04 2009


Last week I brined a chicken.  This week, I brined pork chops.  Oh my.  Goodness.  Serious goodness.  Even though I overcooked them…doggone it!…they had GREAT flavor and still weren’t horribly dry.  The sauce is made with the fond from the pan, apple juice concentrate, apples, and spices.  Oh…and raisins.  But I didn’t have any.  So…we did without raisins.  This recipe comes from Tyler’s book, Real Kitchen.


The brine combines sweet and salty, along with herbs.  I confess…my fingers found some pickling spice and tossed a bit into the brine.  I just couldn’t help myself…  I mistakenly used the pan I browned the pork in when I made the sauce…that could seriously affect the flavors!  We ended up with a sweet-savory sauce rather than a sweeter sauce.  That also explains why I have dark flecks in my sauce…   I don’t think it’s going to matter…this dish just comes out wonderfully!  I served it with BIG steamed artichokes.  The artichokes really bring out the sweetness in the chops…it was a great foil!


This is a keeper recipe.  Even if I didn’t want to do the apples as a sauce, I’d still consider using the brine for the chops.  And…I’m thinking this would be fabulous with a pork tenderloin…




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15 04 2009

I really need to try brining…everyone is always so happy with the results of it that I really should learn how to do that…maybe this summer when I have more time to play around with no teaching involved. Your plate of food looks so good…and very nutritious also. Great combinations.

11 04 2009

I like this idea and am going to have to go searching for a recipe for it. And the black specs add character, to the picture and the dish, so are a necessary part of homemade dinners. 🙂

10 04 2009

As soon as I read the title I knew we would love this dish. Love how you served whole slices of apples too.

This is definitely on the TODO list!

10 04 2009

I have never brined anything before, but I think I am going to have to start…

10 04 2009

Ciao ! This week I brined my chicken so I’ll go for the next step ! Your dish looks great !

10 04 2009

I have only brined turkey so I need to get on the program! These look delicious and I bet the flavor was incredible.

10 04 2009

I still have not tried brining, you have me convinced that I have to try it soon, especially with BBQ season upon us! Great dish!

10 04 2009
Kim of Stirring the Pot

I’m glad to hear you liked the brining. I have tried it with pork chops too and I loved it. This dish looks tasty.

10 04 2009

This sounds great. I am going to have to brine and soon.

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