WW-Bouchées aux Crevettes

13 04 2009

I’ve been off track with Whisk Wednesday for a couple of weeks…first health challenges, then recipe ingredient challenges.  This week it’s a time challenge, as you’ll later see, but this was worth squeezing in.  By the time I added a spinach salad with more of the mushrooms and fresh tomatoes and red peppers, and fresh green beans cooked with bacon and shallots, a small serving of these creamy shrimp was plenty.

This was a perfectly simple recipe to put together, and one of my favorites.  Ok…puff pastry from scratch is time consuming.  I admit that freely.  I rarely have time to babysit puff pastry, so I work with frozen a lot.  This time I used Pepperidge Farms bouchée shells.  The next time I run across my short-cut recipe for puff pastry, I’ll share it, I promise.  It’s got all the right ingredients, it’s just put together in a slightly shorter process than the traditional.  You still end up with a multitude of flaky layers, but instead of “all day” it takes a few hours.  It’s here…somewhere.


We really enjoyed the light shrimp flavor that was tickled by the addition of cognac.  The cream sauce was wonderfully silky in the mouth.  The textures-yieldingly springy-were a nice contrast.  The smoky-crunchiness of fresh green beans with bacon was a really nice foil.  The shrimp tasted a little sweeter next to the bacon.  The spinach salad was lightly sweated with a sweet-tangy viniagrette…almost enough to wilt it, but not quite.

Now…about Wednesday…  I’m cooking spaghetti for 200 for Open House at school.  You can bet I’ll post.  Even if it isn’t pretty.   I did my shopping this afternoon…my car was so full!!  I needed to get the plates, cutlery, napkins, and so on and so forth all on one trip.  Now I’m off to cook 30 some odd pounds of meat and 20 pounds of pasta.




3 responses

16 04 2009

Glennis, what a good sport you are doing so much this week. The mushrooms on the salad is nice idea to repeat. I liked this dish too, and you’re right, you don’t need a lot. It’s filling.

15 04 2009

I love the “ticklish” taste of Cognac! As of today, I have some in my pantry so I won’t have to resort to what I had to for my post! This is one of my favorites too!

15 04 2009

Oh, Glennis, this all looks so great…I love the sides you chose to go with the main dish…they are so beautiful on the plate with all that color. Really lovely…great job! Spaghetti for 200…where do you even start with something like that?????

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