TFF ~ Pan Roasted Soy-lacquered Salmon

16 04 2009

The last two recipes I submitted have involved brining the meat in a salt water solution.  This recipe also uses a form of brining, even if you think of it more as a marinade.  This recipe calls for salmon to be marinated in a soy (salty),  sake, mirin (sweet rice wine) and miso (also salty) solution.  I have another recipe that uses a salt and sugar rub on salmon for a brief amount of time.  Gravlax is made by packaging a salmon fillet with a coating of sugar, salt and dill for a period of time.  This treatment pulls the moisture from the meat and changes the texture while it flavors the meat.  And I love Lacquered Salmon!


I have a confession…I don’t like salmon much.  I prefer it raw with a tissue of lemon as nigiri sushi.  I can like it sometimes, smoked.  I prefer it as lox, if I have a choice.  And then I discovered Laquered Salmon.  Oh my gosh.  Yum.  I had no idea how to achieve that!!  A year ago I received a smoker-pan for Christmas.  I was also gifted with a recipe for the aforementioned dry rub that we use just before we smoke-cook the salmon on top of the stove.  I’ve actually eaten more salmon in the past year than I have in my entire life.  Now…there’s this recipe, which is even faster,  and tasty?   Oh yes, very tasty.


This night, we had the salmon with Vietnamese Salad Rolls.  Bean threads, shredded cabbage, carrot, basil, mint and minced shrimp were rolled in rice paper, and served with a sweet-spicy dipping sauce.  This really made a great light dinner.  It was a night we didn’t get around to eating until late, late evening.  This had such great flavor and incredible freshness (salad rolls) that it was a joy to eat.  The salmon was buttery tender and had a slight teriyaki flavor, while the rolls were bursting with cold poached shrimp and sparkling cool double-mint…mint and basil, both of the mint family.

I highly recommend this dish and really appreciate Tyler sharing it with his friends throughthe Food Network!  You can find the recipe here:  Pan Roasted Soy Lacquered Salmon.  We’ll be enjoying this recipe for salmon often.  It cooks so fast that the oven time is negligible!  And it just doesn’t get any easier to cook either!  LOL!



6 responses

22 04 2009

Looks exquisite. And I confess, I prefer lox also. I am going to try this recipe. Mean it.

19 04 2009

That looks so good!

18 04 2009

I LOVE salmon but have never had it lacquered. Seeing as it converted a non-salmon lover I will have to try it!

17 04 2009

I almost bought some salmon today too…dang I wish I would have now! Laquered Salmon just sounds yummy without even reading the recipe.

Love your Vietnamese Salad Rolls look fab!!!

17 04 2009

I love laquered salmon but have never tried making it. This recipe looks do-able and delicious too. Great job!

17 04 2009

The whole dinner looks wonderful! Salad rolls are my favourite, and the salmons looks amazing. I have never done a treatment like the on salmon before.

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