Big Tuna Sushi Bistro ~

19 04 2009

We’re giving Big Tuna 2-3/4 Whisks already…and they’re barely open.  The fish was fresh.  There was no odor.  The decor was bistro-ish, and will grow with them.  We recognized the Itabisan as an up and coming Itabisan in Chico.  He’s done the circuit locally, so he’s had the best and the worst trainers.  The rice was properly done…not over-seasoned nor over-cooked.  The grains  were individual as well as part of the whole, which didn’t fall apart halfway to one’s mouth.  Gotta like that part.

We tried 2 of their house rolls as well as our favorites…maguro, sake, and unagi.  We also had a piece of “Big Eye Tuna”…more like toro, which was good, but not a favorite.  We also had halibut…hirame, I think…but again, not a favorite.  The two house rolls were combinations that were very nicely done…one included fresh serano chiles, The Mexican Roll, I believe it was.  Cilantro, avocado, serrano chiles and fresh fish…and it was good…a sweat-popper, but yummy.

We visited at late lunch time…not exactly prime-time, but still…this little spot had quite a few spots full.  There were plenty of people around to tend to everyone’s needs though.  We’ll visit again, and again.  It’s in an easy to find spot.  It’s in the same shopping center as Fed Ex-Kinos on Mangrove…between 7th & 8th.  Since they’re close to S & S Produce, I’m sure we’ll stop by frequently as long as they last!




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19 04 2009

“Why’d ya take us to Big Tuna, Sail?”
Sorry, the title reminds me of Wild at Heart. I love sushi, sounds lovely. You sure know a lot about it! Remind me to have you take me around to eat if I am ever in town!
ps, how is my bird?

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