100th Post-Whisk Wednesday’s Huîtres Chaudes au Muscadet (Poached Oysters with Muscadet Sabayon Sauce)

27 04 2009


What a fitting post for my 100th entry!  I doubt I’d have posted so often if I hadn’t stumbled upon Whisk Wednesdays…which has lead to several other blog following flights of fancy!  Thank you, Shari!!  You’ve made this journey possible – C’mon…I wouldn’t have thought about delving into that great big book all by myself!  Cheers to you for pioneering this adventure!

This is our last week doing just one item…and what an item this one was!!  Huîtres Chaudes au Muscadet (Poached Oysters with Muscadet Sabayon Sauce)…and I didn’t much care for cooked oysters…HA!  Simply put, this yields a lightly poached oyster on a bed of spinach slathered with the most incredibly decadent sabayon…and if you’re afraid of sabayon, if I can do it, you can too.  It was much easier than I thought it would be!


Our cast of characters is simple…oysters, freshly shucked (a whole lesson in and of itself); butter (unsalted), spinach, eggs, shallots, Muscadet (Muss-ka-day) or any other dry white wine.  “Muscadet’s crispness has long made it an appealing match with shellfish, particularly oysters.” says MSNBC.  It’s not available where I live, so I used a pinot grigio, pinot gris not being readily available either.  I could only find 4 fresh oysters while I was on my shellfish search, but they were nice Pacific Oysters…not too big, not too tiny.  Here’s a great little shucking video from our friends at Hog Island Oysters of Tomales Bay.  I’m tickled with myself this time out.  I managed to successfully shuck 4 out of 4 oysters!  I’m notoriously slow at this, unless the oysters are really small.  I started with 3 different shucking knives, and the one in the picture was the one I had the most success with.


This was another recipe that used pan after pan after pan and dish upon dish.  I used a whole set of mise en place bowls before I was through!  And…I got to use my 2 oz. Oxo measuring cup that Shari sent me when we exchanged kitchen gifts.  I see why she likes it!  I can’t wait to get the 1 cup measure as well!!  I had no idea it would be so neat to use!


There’s certainly nothing low fat about this dish, even when I cut it down by half and then some.  I was afraid to reduce the recipe by more than half…I wasn’t comfortable that there would be enough of this that or the other thing for the sauce to work out right.  The sauce seemed to take forever to cook down.  That threw my timing off a lot.  But the sauce was the last step so it worked out fine in the end.  The taste was incredibly silky and rich.  Neither of us particularly care for cooked oysters…they tend to taste like too much hot sea water mostly, but not in this recipe.  The very brief poaching was simply marvelous.  It firmed them up ever so slightly, and they were buttery smooth, just like the sabayon and the spinach.  They were simply tasty silky bites, and this recipe is a keeper.  In fact, I’m in search of more oysters while we have left over sauce!