TFF ~ French Onion Soup

21 05 2009

This has been a busy month!  Somewhere along the line, I ended up just needing soup.  You know how that is?  I knew I had a big bag of onions that needed to be used, and I actually had gruyere in the fridge and french bread in the freezer.  Oh yes…that works!!  And what the heck…if I’m going to make French Onion soup from scratch, why not check and see what Tyler might have up his sleeve?  That way I’ve researched a new Tyler Florence recipe, and done the background for my Tyler Florence Fridays post!  What a great plan!!

Tyler’s recipe called for the onions to be sweated down with a fair amount of butter, and cooked, and cooked, and cooked until they carmelized.  Either I did something really wrong, or this didn’t work out the way I like it to.   I think this is one of the places where a high-BTU commercial range is what makes the difference.  There’s no way those onions were anywhere near cooked down, nor carmelized in 25 minutes.  And it took a whole lot longer than 5 minutes to cook the wine off the onions.  I think this starts the reason I ended up with flavor I wasn’t as happy with as I anticipated being.  Translation: The soup was fine.  I expected something “more”, different…I don’t know, just not quite what I got.  I don’t usually use red wine in my French Onion soup either…but I didn’t see that as being a big deal…but maybe the quantity combined with the carmelizing problem.  Don’t get me wrong, please…it was good.  Hubby enjoyed it immensely.  It may have even been my “taster” that night.  I just didn’t enjoy this one as much.  Once the gruyere was on top, I didn’t mind so much…it was a whole lot better!   Gooey, melty cheese can mend a lot of boo-boos!


Editorial comment….  What would I do differently?  I think I’d use a different pan to carmelize the onions, maybe even two, so the onions don’t steam so much.  Sugar content can vary greatly between different varieties, so I often add sugar – not a lot though – just to help get the process underway.   I’ll try the recipe again with a few changes…and see how it goes!



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24 05 2009

Your picture makes it look delicious, too bad it didn’t hit the spot. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love the picture you have in the header.

23 05 2009

I so love french onion soup, but never make it! When I was in Paris, I ate it every single day, came home and made a fabulous pot of it (from memory taste buds) and have never been able to repeat it. Need to go back to Paris.

I notice that caramelizing has a lot to do with which pan I use. Pan needs to be large enough so that the onions don’t steam.

23 05 2009

i’ve noticed some of the times in some of his recipes don’t work quite right for me either. sorry this wasn’t perfect, but all that cheese sure makes it look good! 🙂

23 05 2009

Oh, my fav soup…and this one looks particularly good! Wonderful photo of it.

22 05 2009
Kim of Stirring the Pot

I made a french onion soup at home one time and wasn’t impressed either. Maybe it’s one of those things that is hard to get just right?? Did you try the soup the next day? I wonder if it tasted any better after it sat overnight. Some things are better that way. The picture of your soup looks really good!! Who could resist melted cheese? Yum.

22 05 2009

It’s hard when the recipe doesn’t turn out how you want it too. At least there was the gooey cheese!

22 05 2009

I love gooey cheese and French onion soup.. sorry this recipe didn’t impress. 🙂

22 05 2009

Well you can’t go wrong with gooey cheese, can you?
If i makes you feel any better, the soup looks good.

22 05 2009

The great thing about Tyler is you can always find a recipe for what you have on hand at the time. No last minute running to the store. Love the guy! And he’s so cute.

Chilly this morning and your soup would be perfect!!!

22 05 2009

Cheese always makes everything better! It does still sound good, if not what you expected! Yum 😛

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