Royal Foodie Joust ~ Rice, tomato, bacon challenge

25 05 2009

I really enjoy participating in the Royal Foodie Joust.  It gives me an opportunity to put on the creative side of my apron and see where my mind takes me…  My husband always gets a big smile on his face when I start thinking out loud…using him as a sounding board for listing ingredients and techniques as I wander around my imaginary kitchen.  This was a great team-work production.  We thought about the ingredients, and Bruce was leaning toward a take off on a classic BLT…ok.  But with avocado.  Ok.  “But I need to use rice…”  “Well…make a BLT with avocado hand-roll…you know how much we hate those!”  I still wanted to work a twist in with something…  Rice paper wrappers worked for that.  But what to dip them in?  I hunted down a dipping sauce recipe…and got to thinking about Mexican salsa…  Thai sauces are a balance of sweet-salty-sour-hot…that’s all pretty complimentary to salsa…and the herbs are similar…cilantro is common between…Hmmmm….why not?  Here’s what we came up with….

BLT Rice Paper Rolls with Thai Salsa ~


The rice paper rolls are filled with a leaf of lettuce, herbs (green onions, cilantro, mint and Thai basil), bean threads (I wanted rice vermicelli here, but it wasn’t available), cooked, slivered bacon, tomato, yellow bell pepper, avocado, then halved, cooked shrimp, rolled up.  The Thai salsa brings it all together in an explosion of flavors…  Tomato, mango, diced jalapeno, minced shallot, with mint, cilantro, and Thai basil in a Thai dipping sauce of lime juice, brown sugar (palm sugar was recommended, but unavailable), and fish sauce.   Drizzle, ok…Spoon a generous bite of salsa into the spring roll and devour.  There are so many layers of flavor!  Bruce described it as “a rainbow of flavors that just kept coming!”  This is going to be a GREAT summer meal as they also hold well in the fridge!


Huge thanks to The Leftover Queen for reigning over this event!



5 responses

15 06 2009
the food addicts

your version of the spring roll is so colorful and looks great! you’ve motivated me to make some vietnamese spring rolls with the pork and shrimp! yum!!

29 05 2009

Yum! They look great! I would eat all of them. 🙂
Give Melly a little hug for me.

28 05 2009

This looks so great…I am always sticking things in rice paper wraps for lunch, and this looks like a winning combination. Will def. try this…thanks!

26 05 2009

I love your take on this. So summery. And, I can tell it tastes good too.

25 05 2009

Nicely done…these are a great use of the ingredients and they look so good!!

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