Sunrise…sunset…swiftly fly the years

14 06 2009


I’m stuck in the land of song lines and cliches… “There goes my baby….”  I’m in shock.  My oldest grandchild has graduated from high school.  Who said she could grow up?   “Don’t touch this.”  The time has flown by.  Just “weeks” ago Baby-face was running around the living room “helping” with Christmas wrapping.  We ran her little legs off that night… *Ü*  “Isn’t she lovely…?”  We were a little far away to get any really good shots, but we do have some really blurry fun shots!  Oh my…well…back to the kitchen now.




One response

17 06 2009

What an absolutely lovely looking young lady! I can see why you are so proud, she looks very sweet and capable!

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