TFF~Yorkshire Popovers

26 06 2009

One of the really great things about Tyler Florence is his versatility.  If I’ve got a particular item in the fridge, I can almost always find a recipe for it by Tyler Florence.  So…when we finally got a chance to cook the sweet little prime rib roast I found at the market, I searched to see what Tyler had going on.  I try to keep my eye out for a single bone prime rib at about 3 pounds.  A little more is better, a little less makes it touchy to cook right.  Sure enough, Tyler had an “Ultimate” recipe for prime rib with a garlic-horseradish crust.  Splendid.  In America one immediately asks what kind of potatoes are you having?  Except we’re out of potatoes at the moment.  And then the light came on…it’s a standing rib roast…why not Yorkshire Pudding?  And…does Tyler have a recipe??  You betcha!

My submission for this week’s Tyler Florence Fridays is Tyler’s Yorkshire Popovers.  This is a keeper!  The batter came together in the time it took the pan to preheat and cooked up perfectly.  The popovers always fall, but these held their shape nicely through the meal.  They were absolutely the perfect side dish for any steak, but especially Prime Rib!

And take a look at what we did for a brunch re-run the following day…Yorkshire Popovers filled with prime rib bites and a poached egg, with horseradish cream on top…mmmm! Seriously, a great recipe!