Cooking Italy ~ Pesto, Pasta, Potatoes, and Green Beans

16 07 2009

I love pesto. I remember my first introduction to it. Rich, sinfully rich. Neon green. Luscious. I was hooked. It was commercial. I was still hooked! It wasn’t long before that particular variety of pesto was no longer available. The really best commercial varieties rarely are. They’re too good to last for a very good reason.  They’re cost prohibitive.  I survived though.  I found an Italian cookbook so I could make pesto.  And that was my introduction to Marcella Hazan back in 1989.


We loved the pesto…it was fabulous and went together perfectly easily.  I was disappointed at the quality of the basil from the market, but that’s how it goes sometimes. I’ll keep an eye out at the farmers’ market.  The pesto developed a lovely texture and color. and mixed with the pasta perfectly, clinging to each strand of fettucini and green bean.  I gave way on making my own pasta this time. It was 103º outside which messes with the usual humidity.  I just happened to have imported Italian fettucini on hand (Great tip Angela!) so I used that.

Sadly, we didn’t care for this dish put together.  I found I liked the green beans with the pesto more than the fettucini or the potatoes.  I did find the pesto and potatoes amusing though.  We also had a caprese salad on the side, and used some of the pesto in that as well where it sang and danced admirably.  I don’t know…perhaps it’s because we’re used to having pesto with ravioli.  It’s no problem though.  The law of averages is still very much on our side.  The next time I want to give some green beans a happy face, I’m tossing on some pesto!




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