TFF ~ Grilled Corn on the Cob

16 07 2009

Nothing goes with BBQ’d ribs like corm on the cob…unless it’s Tyler Florence’s Grilled Corn on the Cob! Grilled over either hot coals, a gas grill or using a stove-top grill pan, Tyler’s recipe is out-of-this-world good.


Not only does it feed the eyes with the bright colors, it feeds the sense of smell with the slightly smoky aroma that wafts up from the grill. Lastly this recipe tantalizes the taste buds. The sauce cloaks the creamy sweet corn with more creaminess, the deep musky flavor of the chiles and the tang of lime juice. We were sorry there was only one ear of corn each this time!


The ingredients are simple…fresh corn, mayonnaise, sour cream, chile powder, parmesan cheese and fresh chives.  Our mise en place was easy to put together while the corn was grilling.  Since the corn takes about 20 minutes to cook, I started it while I was letting my ribs rest to redistribute the juices.  I used my grill pan, and everything went exactly as the recipe stated.

TFF-GrCorn2I found several versions of this recipe on-line.  Food Network has one that calls for 12 ears of corn.  That’s a lot for two people, even though I was ready with the math to reduce the recipe.  Then I ran across an article in the San Francisco Chronicle for the same dish, but in a lesser quantity…4 ears of corn.  The recipes differ by the addition of lime zest, which is not included in this recipe.  I know I’m going to fix these again, so you can be sure I’ll post an update of how the lime zest affects the outcome.  In the meanwhile, why not try this one yourself?  I wouldn’t hesitate putting this out for company either.  Treat it like Tried and True! It’s that easy and that yummy!




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1 08 2009


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19 07 2009

The lime zest will be perfect We use it all the time for corn on the grill.

19 07 2009

I am so into corn this year. This looks spectacular. I used left over corn on the cob today to make a dish, but in your case there wouldn’t be any left overs.

18 07 2009

That corn looks delicious : ) We were at the fair tonight and they had it all done up like this, it was great : )

18 07 2009

I am so in the mood for some seasonal corn right now!

18 07 2009

My family loves corn on the cobb, so I can see a recipe for 12 ears going over very well – left overs!
Looking forward to hearing how the lime zest does.

17 07 2009

I LOVE grilled corn!! This looks delicious 😀

17 07 2009

The corn looks delicious and adding the lime sounds like a great idea too!

17 07 2009

Yum, I can’t wait until corn is ready here!
Looks fantastic. I think 3 ears would be good for me… plus a small steak… and a bottle of wine. 🙂

17 07 2009
Ty's Mommy

Just in time for sweet corn season at my house! I have a dozen ears in the fridge right now, and now I know what I’m going to do with them! Thanks for sharing!

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