Whisk Wednesday ~ Velouté Du Barry

22 07 2009


Velouté Du Barry, Cream of Cauliflower soup thickened with cream and egg yolk.  This was pronounced a “keeper” promptly upon being served.  I think my texture varied significantly.  I didn’t strain and remove the “solids” of the soup, so my soup’s texture texture resembled cream of broccoli soup…thick and rich, but not velvety smooth. I can see that it could have been that kind of smooth if I’d sieved it properly. I tend to be frugal that way.  Once I figured out what the difference would be, I put the solids back into the soup.


This was an easy prep soup.  Since I was using canned broth, I put a small bouquet garni into the broth to simmer while I did my mise en place.  I used canned chicken broth, with leek, fresh celery, thyme, celery, and dried bay leaf, and added a splash of white wine to the broth.  That added a lot of underlying flavor to the broth.  When I was doing the mise en place, I realized I didn’t quite have enough onion on hand, so I improvised, like a good bonne femme (good wife)….I grabbed up a shallot and chopped it up to make up the difference.  I’m sure that’s within reason.  The aromatics are lightly cooked in butter with a touch of rice flour added.  The florets are simmered in the broth with the leeks and onions, all is pureed and strained, then thickened with a combination of heavy cream and egg yolk.  The soup is finished with croutons, a few parsley (or chervil) leaves and a grating of nutmeg.

Ahhh…a grating of nutmeg.  There’s an odd little story hiding here.  I’ve changed my use of herbs and spices some since beginning this cooking group. I’m now using some herbs regularly (thyme for instance) that I didn’t use much, and never used fresh in the past.  So, it didn’t surprise me much that I suddenly had a real desire to try freshly grated nutmeg.  Off to market…$9.99 a jar. Ouch.  It’s not a good time to indulge myself in a $10 whim.  My next stop was a little Mexican market…No kidding…whole nutmeg in bags 99¢.  Of course I bought it! Even the worst fresh beats ground in a jar how many years?  *grin*  I’ve since checked Penzeys, and they have reasonable priced product as well.  I have to admit…the nutmeg totally made the dish though.