TFF~ Tacos Carne Asada

23 07 2009

Tyler’s recipes have become a mainstay around our house as the long California nights stretch out in heatwave after heatwave.  This week Tyler Florence Fridays finds us enjoying Tacos Carne Asada with pico de gallo made with freshly picked tomatoes, ripe from the garden.

TFF-CarneAsadaTacosFlank steak has been unusually available here lately, so I’ve taken advantage of the situation. It lends itself well to being marinated and grilled quickly, making it ideal for hot weather.  Tyler’s recipe called for the meat to be marinated up to 8 hours in the “mojo” or marinade – citrus juices, spices, peppers, cilantro, garlic, vinegar and olive oil.  Shhh. The Mexican market where I live has the best Mojo Criollo…and it has exactly the SAME ingredients! I swear it has to do with the orange juice…  While the steak was cooking, I threw together the pico de gallo, using poblano rather than jalapeno. I like chile flavor, I don’t care for searing heat. I sometimes get too much heat from jalapenos.   As you can see, we also had Mexican crema, which is a thicker milder sour cream, and fresh avocado slices with our “tacos.”

This was a fabulous after-movie, hot-summer night dinner.  We also had refried beans and Mexican rice to round out our plates.  We really enjoyed it a lot.  The remaining slices of meat were diced fine and became quesadillas for lunch today.  I softened “gordita” size flour tortillas until they would fold without breaking, then folded them and set them aside.  The diced meat was tossed briefly with it’s juices in the hot pan just to bring it up to temp, them turn into a bowl.  A few tablespoons of diced onion went to the hot skillet next, then joined the meat.  A tablespoon or so of chopped fresh cilantro joined the meat party and everyone did a little do-si-do and got a kiss of lime.  I spread grated co-jack on the insides of the warm flour tortilla and folded it back up, then popped it into a well oiled hot non-stick skillet.  A flip after about 75-90 seconds, and then a useless attempt at patience.  Slide that baby home to a plate with some Pico and crema and that’s a happy lunch.  Another two-fer Tyler! Thanks bunches Dude!!  I hope Life offers you some serious chill time soon!  This…is a serious keeper recipe!



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28 07 2009

This looks healthy and delicious! My boys really love it when we make fajitas or tacos, etc. with all these ingredients…flank steak is one of our favorites on the grill. Your photo looks so inviting!

28 07 2009

Yup, that’s my kind of recipe.

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