Cooking Italy~Gamberetti all’Olio e Limone

3 08 2009

This week Cooking Italy is introducing us to a perfectly simple Italian shrimp appetizer.  I already have one very simple marinated shrimp appetizer in my repertoire, but who can’t stand a few more?  This is a keeper.  I’d serve this as a starter for lunch or dinner in a heart beat, or with a little bolstering, a luncheon entreé.

What could be easier? Poach a few little veggies, toss in a few shrimp and poach them just until barely cooked (big key to the best shrimp), shock them with ice water and peel, toss into olive oil blessed with a bit of wine vinegar and kissed with sunny lemons.  That’s it. Set it all aside and attempt to be patient. The two big things with this dish, set the shrimp aside to marinate at least an hour, and do not refrigerate them before serving. They’re best made and then eaten in a couple of hours.  Good luck with that.  That waiting thing is kind of tough…especially with them hanging around in the kitchen with you…Look at these pretties…


Cooking notes:
I used large shrimp, so following Marcella Hazan’s directions, cut the shrimp in half lengthwise. The shrimp are garnished with a rosette and sprinkling of lemon zest.

Tasting notes:
There is a freshness to the shrimp that is utterly delightful. The acids work together  creating a bright citrusy veil surrounding the succulent brininess of the shrimp.  I was sorry I hadn’t made the 5 minute artisan bread after all.  I plan to try to get tired of these.  Especially after I found a few recipes that would take these another step as an entree with pasta.

About Cooking Italy:
Cooking Italy is the creation of Angela of Spinach Tiger.  She graciously selects recipes from Marcella Hazan’s Essential in Italian Cooking, and we follow her lead, learning together. We communicate via email and celebrate our victories and our learning experiences together.  Follow the link here or on the side-bar if you’d like to come along on the journey with us!




6 responses

4 08 2009

What a beautiful plate! Your food looks so tasty. Can’t wait to start cooking with all of you!

4 08 2009

Perfect summer appetizer.. with wine of course!

4 08 2009

Okay, we all want the plate! Especially me. I could eat those shrimp all over again.

4 08 2009

Thank you for introducing me to a new site. I loved your tasting notes. Well expressed!

3 08 2009
Maria Paray

How pretty these look on your crimson dish! The lemon zest is a nice detail touch. I love seeing how everyone in the group has brought this dish to life 🙂

3 08 2009

Look at those shrimp on that gorgeous plate! I’ll make this one again, won’t you? Easy, simple, tasty…the way it was prepared made it very flavorful.

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