Whisk Wednesday ~ Also on the back burner…

12 08 2009

In fact…my whole life outside of work appears to be on the back burner right now.  There are two things going on…  Major tension at work.  Mostly self imposed.  I’m having a difficult time getting all of my filters appropriately engaged.  I’m still angry with the grieving Gov. Schwartznegger over the state budget cuts to education.  I didn’t get enough of the kind of down time I needed during the summer.  Now, I’ve got this virus that’s decided to make a late summer visit, and it’s 102º outside.  I have to admit these things aren’t adding up to a happy cooking atmosphere.  Maybe this weekend.  Melissa of Laptop to Stovetop and I kind of have a cooking date…we’re both playing catch up because we both work and Life gets in the way.  And it’s fun to cook with someone else.

Thank you…If I could, I’d send you each a portion of what I pay my therapist….but that’s what insurance is for.  *Ü*



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