Annual September Hiatus~

20 09 2009

I don’t know why I just don’t admit it to myself…September is a killer month for me.  School starts the end of August and the next 4 weeks are a whirl of activity I can barely keep up with.  I’m so very far behind with my cooking groups that it’s scary! But…it is what it is.  I’ve cooked when I could, in some of the more unusual circumstances…LOL! You’ll get the idea when I get the pictures up.

I have cooked, most nights…not always from scratch, but I have cooked. Trader Joe’s has been a real pal! We’ve had a lot of pasta dishes…very easy to put together. I replayed the zucchini-pasta dish with the zucchini cut into batons…and it was ok. We liked the coins better.  I’ve used a lot of interesting sausages with different sauces and pastas to see what we like.  We prefer the red sauces to the heavy cream and cheese sauces…although they do have their place!  Right now Arrabiatta is our favorite.  I’m looking for a recipe for one that reads the way my mouth tastes it.

I’ll work on the posts for the dishes I have finished…Minestrone…is that all? I suppose it is…and I didn’t take photos, so it’s hard to post what I don’t have.  Ok…well, today is a cooking day because I finally feel like it!  Today we’ll be making bolognese and crespelle for Cooking Italy, then traveling over to see just how out of sync we are at Whisk Wednesday, where our Fearless Leader (seriously!!) has begun her Le Cordon Bleu courses!!  These latter courses have been very difficult due to ingredients. I have no desire to try a chicken version of a veal dish. I want VEAL!! Oops. Sorry… If you’re a member of PETA, my apologies…

Now…it’s time to rotate the laundry…yes, food bloggers usually do laundry too!…and get that stove up and running! I’m in the mood for FOOD!



One response

20 09 2009
Maria Paray

You do what you can, when you can – that’s kind of what I’m doing, no choice. Trader Joe’s is a lifesaver, many a night!

But when we do cook – ummm mmm!

Hoping school falls into a routine for you, soon.

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